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Brands We Love - Advance Headers

Posted by Heidi Harbridge on

Over the years, we frequently get asked, which headers do you recommend and use on your own vehicles.

Although there are many great brands on the market all with their own unique design and claims, there’s always one brand at the top of our list, Advance Headers.

Advance are an understated brand.   They spend little on marketing and never talk themselves up as an industry leader. They prefer to spend their time and money on delivering the best in quality and fit, which is the type of supplier you want to work with in our industry.

Advance specialise in Tri Ys. Tri Ys have an emphasis on maximum low and mid range torque, while making ample horsepower throughout the RPM range, they are best suited to standard or for mildly modified engines revving up to 7,500 rpm. Of course, they have now included a small range of tuned 4 into 1 mandrel bent headers to their collection.

The secret to their fitment is thoughtful design, from their laser cut flange plates to the way they fit their pipes though the flange enabling a much better flow rate off the head. Their low taper design cones greatly assist in flow from the primaries to the secondaries and their practical heat proof grey coating ensures they maintain their appearance for many years to come.

Their service is personal and customer orientated. Although the majority of their headers we fit are mild steel, there is a stainless option available in every design or even a HPC coated option for the ultimate in appearance and durability……oh, and they even come with gaskets.

Check out our range of Advance products online at or call us at Kirrawee Mufflers 02 9542 4111 to discuss options.


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