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Ballistic 4 x 4 by Berklee.....a game changer

Posted by Heidi Harbridge on

Behind this sleepy organisation lie a couple of best kept industry secrets.  One of them, we are particularly excited about.  Finding a top quality product that’s still Aussie made is near impossible in the exhaust market.  Manufacturers just find it too hard to compete on price.  Why develop products here when they can make them for a fraction of the price overseas?  In order to bring premium products to the exhaust industry, you need to ask yourself whether you want to ‘mark up’or ‘make your mark’

Enter the Ballistic 4 x 4 Sports Exhaust by Berklee.  General rule of thumb when purchasing an exhaust for a 4 x 4 application is asking yourself “what do you use your car for?” While most SUVs are everyday family run around cars, the serious 4 x 4 market like to test the limits from off road use to heavy loaded work utes….and herein the difference lies.  Ballistic is made in the Berklee factory in Geelong by a company that understands the 4 x 4 market.  The range is full stainless, thoughtfully designed, four bolt flanges, mandrel bent, top quality fittings.  Horsepower, torque and fuel economy never looked so good!  Boasting one of the best warranties on the market, their confident you won’t want your money back.

Available now at Kirrawee Mufflers or

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