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Replacing your Catalytic Converter – causing a toxic reaction amongst consumers!

Posted by Heidi Harbridge on

To put it bluntly, a catalytic converter, although a sensible and completely justifiable device when it comes to controlling vehicle emissions can be a real pain in the hip pocket when you are called on to replace a faulty one (or two or three!!). Chances are that you'll find it hard to breathe when your willingness to support clean air will be dampened by your need get this device replaced on a budget and get your car back on the road as soon as possible.....without investing in your car more than it's actually worth!

When a cat breaks down it can cause a whole raft of issues, sluggish performance, loud rattle, throwing up fault codes on your dash, potential of being slapped with a defect (yes, cats without internals are illegal and carry a hefty fine!). Once a mechanic (or your local dealership) has finally drawn the conclusion that this is your nemesis, you'll be 'interested' to know that some vehicles, not only can run more than one of these damn things, but they are sometimes connected to the manifold. Yep, you guessed, your quote will include a bill for needlessly replacing a manifold as well. Suddenly the car you bought for $29,990 seems not such a good buy!

Any of this sound familiar? Kirrawee Mufflers are experts at the difficult and menial task of manually separating your cats and replacing them with an aftermarket option at a fraction of the price of replacing one with a genuine product.

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